‘The Flash’ Season Finale SOC Recap: ‘Finish Line’


Ol’ Pizza Face drops in at STAR Labs                                              Photo courtesy: The CW


A collection of errant thoughts that ran through my head as I watched The Flash season 3 finale. Spoilers ahead:

The internet theory was right! HR switched places with Iris–I shed tears over this. Oh bless H.R. You aren’t a coward.

Great, now Cisco has to lose another Harry. I don’t think I can take much more of this.

“The future is ours again”–Right, Barry, until someone decides to f up the timeline again.

If it ain’t Caitlin Julian just don’t care. H.R. is dead “OH WOW” *blank faced*

Thin crust pizza face!? Cisco now is not the time for your sassy clapbacks. Savitar could stab you in the neck…but keep the sarcasm coming.

If Barry successfully beats Savitar I hope the one thing he takes from him is his great hair. Is there a way to fuse them together? Can we get a Barry that has the magnetic and brooding demeanor of Savitar but has Barry’s puppy like heart of gold?

“Come home”? Is he seriously trying to charm Savitar with his boyish emotional intelligence? More importantly…is it working…?

So how weird is it to see your evil future self and your fiance share a slightly intimate moment? Very weird you say? OK just checking.


Sooo how does this relationship work? Are the Barrys considered brother husbands? Is it possible to be jealous of yourself?

Gypsy yes!!!


How many meta-humans does it take to put the hands on Savitar? Much lightning, so many vibes.

I SCREAM. The suit looks so good with the red, but Savitar sounds ridiculous with Barry’s voice and then he turns his back on him WTFfff–

Thank you Iris. That was G–shooting your fiancé’s pan fried future self and attempted murder in the back? She did that. At least somebody was looking out for Barry. What kind of friends are Caitlin and Cisco?

H.R. was all that was good and right in the world. Too pure, too average. Who will Wally joke around with now? Who will irritate Cisco?

That’s right Julian, never give up hope. Like a frosty, stray pupper if you set Caitlin free she will come back eventually. She just needs to needs time to cool off. Right? Ok I’ll show myself out.

While she’s refusing the Killer Frost cure that Julian and her mother worked on, I hope she learns how to live with her powers.

…Is it too late for Iris to go to another world and pick up another brother husband for Barry? An emo one with good hair and a dark sense of fashion that says: could be in a boy band, could be hobo.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire as they say. I knew a West/Allen happy ending was too good to be true. Lightning would literally strike in the same place twice before they can enjoy an interrupted moment together.

Well now you have to appease the Speedforce gods. You have upset them…AGAIN. Good to see Barry finally taking some responsibility.

I’ve come to see that Papa Joe will never be happy. He’ll never have his kids all in one place.

Final thoughts:

I will admit this was not my favorite season. I found The Flash to be a wonderful, colorful alternative to Arrow but season 3 was incredibly dark. I feel a slight streak of guilt for falling behind on Flash, missing more than a fair share of episodes. I even missed the reveal of Savitar’s motivations. From what I can gather he wanted to be a god and create time remnants of himself or something of that nature? As a season long villain, Savitar never grew on me and was a good reason why I fell off from following the show from week to week.

The things I did enjoy, however, were the relationships. I was really hoping Caitlin and Julian could get some closure. Hopefully, Julian will stick around in the next season. Speaking of blooming relationships, I hope the Gypsy/ Vibe pairing will go somewhere interesting in season 4. But knowing this show that somewhere might be a path straight to hell and emotional torment.

Seeing Barry walk into the Speedforce at the end this episode filled me with so much satisfaction. After the events that unraveled following Flashpoint, and the way he continued to undo any of the lessons he had learned, I was wondering how and when he would pay the piper. Can’t wait to see how he disrespects the Speedforce in season 4.

Fingers crossed that the next season won’t rely on another speedster as a long-term villain or involve any more time travel. The concept is a wonky one to deal with and it gets exhausting.


2 thoughts on “‘The Flash’ Season Finale SOC Recap: ‘Finish Line’

  1. I thought Barry was being really naïve, like Savitar (or evil Barry as I’d like to say) would actually accept his help and not betray the team. Julian is one of the best characters of the season in my opinion and I hope he sticks around! Cisco was great as always and I liked Caitlin’s developement and that she didn’t drink the cure after all. It shows strength and makes her a badass woman. (Still a ‘lil salty about her helping Savitar though). I’m gonna miss H.R. He was a great addition to the team, even though it seemed like he didn’t do anything “right”. When Barry decided to go with the Speed Force, I was like “really?? Y’all just saved Iris and now you can be with her, but you’re leaving again?” On the other hand, if Garrick would’ve gone back into the speed force I wouldn’t have liked it either, since that would mean Barry never really has to pay for his mistakes. I felt like this was the best way to end the season. Season 3 started with Flashpoint and ended with Barry paying the price. (And H.R., too)


    1. Yes, I was very conflicted about the ending. When they started talking about someone needing to occupy the Speedforce my first thought was that Jay would go back in but that really wouldn’t be fair to him so I knew it was gonna be Barry. But then again I really wanted to see Barry and Iris happy so I started sweating lol. And I completely agree with you, I was surprised by how much HR and Julian grew on me when I couldn’t stand them at the beginning of the season. (Besides Cisco) they were my favorite characters.

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